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The inventory, sales and customer management system for Mac OS X.

Current version: 1.2.1


Stock is an advanced Cocoa based inventory management system that utilizes a MySQL database backend. Stock will let you sell items, produce receipts, manage your customers, view all previous sales, graph your sales and produce sales reports through a simple and intuative Mac OS X user interface. You can even customize Stock with your own company logo and receipt.

Stock is currently in use in shops such as JustMac where it is their primary stock management system.


This section contains links to the current version of Stock as well as other relevant downloads to the application

Stock 1.2.1
MySQL database
StockBackup utility
Stock backup scripts
webstock PHP client alpha

Currently Stock cannot be registered. Due to more or less complete lack of interest continuation of the project is becomming less and less likely. If you are interested in continuing development of Stock or have a use for the source code then please email me.

Stock has taken a tremendous amount of effort and time to develop and I therefore ask for a small registration fee of only US$25. I will also accept UK£15. This fee will get you a single serial number which will remove the demo limitations and give you the right to download and use registered any version of Stock up to 1.9.9 (assuming these versions are made.)

Feature requests & bug reports

Please report any bugs in the Stock application to me as soon as you come across them. Also feel free to send in feature requests that you have and, with some luck, they may be implemented into a future release of Stock.

Contact information is provided at the bottom of this page.

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