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8 November

I have release my first iPhone application: QCTViewer. QCTViewer lets you view and be positioned on QCT files on your iPhone.

For more information see:

26 October
PL/SQL Automator updated to version 1.1.0. This version fixes some of the bugs in the initial release and brings some helpful new capabilities.
23 October
PL/SQL Automator 1.0.0 is now available. This is the first Fazesoft application for Windows. It is designed for .NET developers to generate wrapper code around PL/SQL from which thousands of developer hours can be saved on repeating the tedious task of wrapping a PL/SQL function or procedure. PL/SQL Automator is available for the introductory price of $25.
26 July
I have created a simple tetris clone called CMTetris. While still an early release it supports most standard tetris features and is surprisingly addictive to play. If you want to waste some time go here!
19 March

MultiSpeedPlayer updated to version 1.3.1. This version is simply a recompile for Intel based Macs. Note: this has only been tested on PPC. I do not yet have an Intel based system.

On a related note: Stock 1.3 will be released as soon as I can get an Intel based Mac to complete its development on. I intend to purchase the x86 equivalent of the iBook unless it is overpriced or has Intel integrated graphics.

27 November

I have initiated development of my first sourceforge open source project licensed under the GPL. This software is a development tool known as plsqldoc and is used to document PL/SQL source code. It is somewhat similar to JavaDoc. For more information see the software page.

19 July
AddressWeb updated to version 2.5. As well adding a number of essential new features, this version is the first universal binary (x86/PPC) from Fazesoft. Download it from the software page.
6 June

Fazesoft on Intel. With the news that Apple is to launch X86 based Macs next year I am pleased to announce that all current Fazesoft apps will have x86 support added in their next versions. This will probably start with AddressWeb 2.3 and be followed by Stock 1.3 (which is now very close to release). Stock 1.3 is a more difficult task since all the third party frameworks it uses must also be recompiled.

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